About Us

Beautifully Made Library, an artist-led initiative, offers a platform that presents artworks and events inspired by the Christian faith, particularly by artists in Asia.  Our aim is to support professional and emerging artists to showcase their artworks and to affirm their desire to bless a wider audience with their creative talents.  Art works may or may not be created by an artist who is of the Christian faith, but he or she or the works themselves should espouse values that are aligned to the Kingdom.  The online platform serves as a changing exhibition of their art, as well as a resource library on Christian faith and art. Artworks and resources will be updated periodically for your personal growth and understanding. 


Artworks represented here are copyrighted. For usage of artwork images, and registering of artworks, please refer to the terms and conditions and fill up the application form accordingly. For purchase or any other query, you may write in to our email beautifullymadesingapore@gmail.com and we will help to link up with the artists.

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